Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Final Post Reflection

I remember the first day I walked into class. I was already nervous because I had to give up my full-time job to go back to school. The thought of going back to school was terrifying. But, since I wanted to be a teacher, I wasn’t going to let anything get in the way. When I registered for this class, I honestly thought it was going to be an overview of Microsoft Word, Spreadsheet, and Power Point. Little did I know, I was about to learn and participate in things that I had no idea about! The first two or three weeks of class were the WORST time of my life, or so it seemed. The idea of following instructions on the internet was an awful idea! I felt like I was being shorted of my education. No matter how bad I wanted to give up, I told myself to keep going. What helped me the most was going to lab every Tuesday and Thursday. I know I probably harassed Anthony the most. But, if it wasn’t for the computer lab and everyone’s help, I don’t think I would have made it through the end. Once I got a general knowledge of my blog and understanding how to embed and post, things started to get a little easier. The work was really time consuming, especially the first month. I spent on average, around 15 hours or more a week in EDM 310. I dreaded every Wednesday and Sunday night. I learned fast to start on an assignment as soon as I could, so that I wouldn’t have so much to do on the day it was due. I realized I had to change my mindset and to approach every assignment as a positive one. If you try to look at every assignment as something new and exciting, you start to take appreciation in your work. I thought blogging and all the assignments were just a waste of time. I didn’t understand why this was all important to me in becoming a teacher. I thought since the traditional way worked on me than why can I not do the same? I was so wrong! Maybe If I would have ever gotten out of my comfort zone in school, I would have had a little more motivation or drive while entering the first couple of years in college. I think it’s really important for everyone to keep up with the new technology. Everything around us is constantly changing and if we decide not to change ourselves, than what kind of teacher would we be? This class has really opened my eyes and made me understand the importance of technology. I plan on using podcast, videos, and blogging in my classroom. After following teachers and kids from around the world, I see how excited the students are when they use these tools in class. I would tell anyone who is taking this class in the future, just to take it one day at a time and try to manage your time wisely! Always keep a positive outlook and make the best of it! I would have to say that I have learned the most out of this class than any other class I have ever taken. I plan on using what I have learned in the future and never forgetting what it took to get me there.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Teaching Caleb how to start his own blog

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summary of C4T 4,5 and 6

My C4T 4, 5, and 6 were on a teacher named LISA THUMANN. Her website is called “THUMANN RESOURCES” and it's purpose is to inform the viewers of the "21st Century ideas to help facilitate good teaching and learning".

For my C4T 4, I commented on a summer reading program. The program is designed for students in first through sixth grade. They can read any eight books and then write about them in their Barnes and Nobles Summer Reading Passport. In doing this, they will receive a free paperback book. I think the reading program is a great way to keep students motivated during their summer break and it also allows them to have a smoother transition into the next school year.

My C4T 5 is about her discussing the different websites she learned about from the edtech conference that she attended. She listed several websites with their links, which would be beneficial for educators to use. My favorite one of all is Sweetsearch. It is recommended for students in kindergarten through 8th grade. This website is an educational search website that is suitable for their age group. You can view this website here.

In my final C4T, She discusses the meaning of an Unconference. She attended an EdubloggerCon East in Boston and wanted to simplify her thoughts on what an unconference is. Basically, it’s a gathering of people talking about a common subject. Everyone who attends is seen and heard. It’s an informal way to learn and share new ideas.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


After watching "A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment" video, I decided that this was a great way to establish my PLN. It's an easy and efficient way to keep your PLN organized. I have many bookmarks such as Facebook and twitter on the top and more of my educational bookmarks on the the bottom. Currently I am following Mr. McClung and Mathew Needleman's blog I'm becoming more familiar with this website and plan on adding additional sites as I go. I would recommend this to anyone who has trouble staying organized. You can create your on here.


I have learned so much while completing this survey. I now know that the class and I have a lot in common! We like to eat pizza and watch football! Most importantly, I can create a quiz of my choice using Google Docs, which will be very helpful in the future. I also have learned how to gather and evaluate data from my own questionnaire. In general, Google Docs is a great and effective tool that will help me tremendously in the future!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mr. McClung Reflects on Year 2

Mr. McClung has matured as a teacher over the last year. In his reflection from the previous year, he was just beginning his first year of teaching. He taught 6th grade science. As he states in his current post, this is a subject that he is comfortable with teaching and enjoys doing so. He has had many challenges with teaching 8th grade social studies. Mr. McClung had to learn how to adapt to the Jr. High “independent mentality”. But, he was able to overcome these obstacles. He came up with exciting ways to teach and to make leaning fun.

I like how he motioned that having a school mom is helpful. I think that’s a great idea. You always have room to grow and improve on. A school mom can help you become more comfortable with the particular routines of the school. In all, the students are the main focus. There will always be existing problems throughout the school. But, it’s a teacher’s job to make sure that the students comprehend everything that is being taught in the classroom. I will definitely continue to follow Mr. McClung as he continues to share in experiences.

M-Cubed: ISTE Presentation Video

Digital Fabrication is creating a physical product from a digital design. It’s easy to use and fun for elementary students. Students can deconstruct objects and put them back together. It allows a better understanding of the problem solving process. Students have a physical object to hold which allows them to grasp more of an understanding on how it was created. I think these videos are very interesting. Although, it might take some time to catch on, but I think it’s great way for young students to learn the designing process. You can view Imagine. Design. Create. Construct, The Principle of Least Change, , and FabLab ModelMaker: Change a Shape.

C4K 4

Blayne and Dane

My C4K 4 is about two guys from a Drama, Film, and TV class who produced their own take on PC versus Mac. The movie is hilarious! Blayne was PC and Dane was Mac. The video was about the many negatives of each. The actors were perfect for the role!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

First Graders in Ms. Cassidy's Class

Mrs. Cassidy’s class is amazing! I am so impressed that she is teaching her first grade students all about technology. They are all eager to learn and enjoy sharing their work with the world. She is a great example on how current and future teachers should view the use of technology in the classroom. As she said on skype, the world is changing so that means we have to change. Like I've said before, teachers have to get out of their comfort zone and to always keep challenging their students as well as their selves.

Blogging and making videos is a great way for students to improve on their writing and speech. When they receive feedback, it has positive effect on their learning. It’s a good way for them to take writing seriously, when they are aware that many people are reading and commenting on what they are posting. I will definitely incorporate technology in my classroom. I want to create my own class blog like Mrs. Cassidy. I think there are endless opportunities ahead, when you incorporate technology in the classroom.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

C4K 3

My comment for kids this week is about student who is trying to start up a new club for the next school year. She wants the club to be based on the Harry Potter series. Kelly believes that Harry Potter would be a great theme because everyone else in her school enjoys reading the series. Students could watch movies and have discussion topics chosen by the teacher. This would be a great way for students improve on their reading skills and also, encourage more student interaction with one another.
Smart Board Project

7th Grade PLE

This student did an amazing job with organizing her personal learning environment. I am very impressed that her science class is paperless. I couldn’t believe that her class is mostly internet based. She did a great job on keeping her class work and projects organized. With using the internet as the main educational tool, it teaches the students to learn self-discipline.

She explained how sites such as face book, were on the top of her personal page and schoolwork is across the bottom of the page. My PLN does not compare in any way to her PLE. One day I would like to create a personal page of my own for my PLN. It would be a great way to stay organized and also, make communicating to others a lot easier.

Two Questions That Can Change Your Life

I thought this was an interesting video. I think having a sentence of your own is great way to stay motivated throughout the day! It allows you to have some kind of purpose as you go about your day. The question; “Was I better today than yesterday?” Is a thought I know I personally think about every day. I always try to have a positive outlook on how I want to live each day. Whether it may be learning something new or helping others.

My sentence would be simple but meaningful. Never give up! When I started back school this semester, I thought there was no way I could do this class. I stayed focused and always made sure that I was learning something new about it every day. Dropping a class because of lack of confidence will never be a question again.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blog Post 9

The post was a little different than the others I have read. Dan Brown is quite a character, but he sure knows how to grab his audience's attention. I agree with Mr. Brown and Ms. Bayda. Who wants to sit in a large auditorium and listen to a two hour lecture? Yeah I’m good at memorizing, but who isn’t to a certain extent?

When I attended Faulkner State Community college, not only were the classrooms smaller, but the teachers were more in engaged with the students. My education definitely changed when I transferred to South Alabama. I started noticing that the teacher – student relationship no longer exist. I do think Institutional education needs to make a change. What’s the point of going to college if you do not receive the best of education that you deserve and pay for? I agree with David Brown, “If the teachers don’t make a change then the world will do it for them”!

Alex - Alabama Learning Exchange

I thought the Alex website is and extremely useful tool in education. I had no idea that something like this even existed in Alabama. It was very self explanatory. When you go onto the website, you have several different options to choose from. Courses of Study, Web Links, Lesson Plans, and Personal Workplace are just a few.

The lesson plans were the most interesting to me. You click on that option and choose which grade level and subject. It gives you and overview, objectives, background, and technology needed. You are informed on what materials are needed and the duration of the lesson. It also provides helpful links that you can use to obtain the information needed for providing the lesson. This website is definitely something I’ll be using, when I began my teaching career.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

PLN Status

I began my PLN with Twitter. I have several teachers that I am following. Although, I’m not exactly sure that I am using twitter correctly, I hope to get the hang of it soon. I have received a couple of “Thanks for following messages”. I went on Mary Beth Hertz’s blog and posted her a comment. She is A K-6 Computer Teacher and Technology Teacher Leader in Philadelphia. I haven’t heard anything back yet. But if I do I’ll be sure to post it on my blog. I will continuously progress on my PLN status.
Interview on Technology Use in the Classroom

Summery for C4T 1,2,3

I have been commenting on Matthew Needleman the last three weeks. His website is http://creatinglifelonglearners.com/. The three posts that I have read and commented on are very useful for my future teaching career. The first one is "The Low Tech Way to Show Youtube Movies in School". He explained and simplified the instructions on how to download a youtube video in the classroom.

The second post I commented on was about the "Video in the classroom Mini- Carnival # 5". Students of all age levels created their own unique videos. Since I’m an Elementary Education major, I enjoyed listening to younger children’s movies the most. In particular, like how to tie a shoe and how to be on time. Each video went through every step in completing each task.

The last post named “Good Teaching Should Be Like Pulling Teeth (Sometimes)” is about how teachers have to keep their kids motivated to learn. Not every child enjoys school, but teachers have to do everything in their power to give these students the best education they deserve. We have to continue to always keep students challenged and never lower our expectations for them.

C4K 2

My comment for kid’s this week is about two little boys named Clancy and Tom. They created five card flicker smories. On Five Card Flickr, you draw five different cards from the photo storing site Flickr and then you arrange them together to make a story. Clancy’s is called “Carnival Time” and Tom’s is called “A Good Life”. They were so creative with their story telling. I never heard of smories until this week. But I will sure incorporate this into my classroom one day! Visit Clancy and Tom's smories.

What I've Learned this Year

I think Mr. McClung’s post was quite inspiring. Sometimes it’s refreshing to listen to someone who is new in their career, than someone who’s been teaching all their life. He brought up a great point about when you first get started in your teaching career, your straight by the book. You make sure that each one of your lesson plans is perfect. Instead of focusing on the lesson plan, you should be watching your students carefully and making sure they comprehend what you are teaching.

Communication is another important factor. It is so important to communicate well with others. Students notice how well their teacher communicates with them as well other individuals. Listening is also very important. One of his students acknowledged how well Mr. McClung listed.

It is vital for teachers to listen and to learn about each one of their students. Finally, never stop learning! I have become more aware of this myself. You have to be able learn something before you can teach it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Randy Pausch Last Lecture

My first thought when I began watching this video was WOW; I can’t believe he’s in such good spirits! When he began to tell the audience about his medical history, I was is complete shock. Not only did he look amazing, he was able to demonstrate in what good shape he's in. I loved how he shared his lifelong dreams and incorporated it into his lecture. Even though he didn’t accomplish everything on the list, he sure came close to most. He learned valuable lessons from each dream and learned how to apply it to the future.

The ETC curriculum was great success. He didn’t believe that individuals who are seeking a master’s degree should keep doing bookwork. Instead, his course was more of several group projects throughout the two years. He made it fun and exciting for the students. He took fifty of the first year students on field trips. They went to different shops at Pixar and Industrial Light Magic. I would want my classroom to have a similar learning environment as his. Although, I want to teach young children, I can put emphasis on the importance of working together and having fun while doing it.

He explains the only way to live life is to keep having fun, never lose the child- like wonders and helping others. He had so many dreams to strive for and he never let that “brick wall” exist. His lessons learned were amazing. Dr. Pausch believed, “if you do the right thing, then the good stuff happens to you”. He expresses the importance’s of self inflect.

Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture is the most meaningful and favorite lecture I have ever listened to. I’ll be honest, when I saw that the lecture was over an hour long, I was dreading to watch it. I have learned and acknowledged such vital information as to how I’m going to strive to live my life. He put life into a whole new perspective for me.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

C4K 1

This week I commented on Stella is Back! She is a smart and talented young girl. She had several videos posted on her blog. It seems the post were personal to her in some way. They were either stories about her and her family or just videos that she enjoyed watching. My favorite is the Crazy Cat and Dog. It is a short video of a cat chasing a much bigger dog around the yard. I thought it was hilarious! Check out her Crazy Cat and Dog video.
This IS How We Dream

“This is How We Dream Part 1 and 2” were very informative videos. Most of what Dr. Miller said I already knew. But, he had a great way of explaining the changes that have occurred with doing research. I remember having to spend many nights at the library just to find enough research about my topic when I was in school.

Not only is the internet easy to access for most, it is full of plentiful information of any topic you can imagine. He made clear several times that this change is “Sharing knowledge infinitely “ and a "Incremental change not a fundamental change”. The internet always holds a permanent place for any article published unlike a magazine that arrives in your mailbox. Eventually, I believe newspapers and magazines will come to an end. Why not? When it’s just as easy to look it up!

Technology is constantly changing. You can look up lectures and watch live video of events going on around the world. "Writing with multi-media" is something that I would definitely be interested in. In order to be technology literate teachers, we need to have an open mind as well as willing to learn this new technology.

Networked Student

This video presented an interesting theory. There is going to have be a lot of transition made in today’s school systems, if we want to progress to being a networked student. I think it has its positive and negatives. Students in today’s world need guidance.

Yes, the internet has everything they need to some extent, but having a teacher can guide and direct them to independent learning. I know I have needed my teacher in EDM310 to show me how to get started on my own. There’s no way I would have been able to establish independent learning on my own.

The internet is a great for education today. You can watch videos, read blogs, and look up whoever and whatever in the matter of a single click of the mouse. The learning network can be used and practice in classrooms all over. I think it will encourage students to be independent learners as well as being self efficient.

Toward A New Future of Whatever

I have really enjoyed watching Professor Wesch’s videos. He had a lot of great points about how media has changed the world. Media communication is constantly growing. He discusses how you tube plays an important role in media. It’s hard to believe that I just posted my first video on your tube the other day. Now I’m a part of this media driven culture.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Smart Board

There are many positives and negatives with using a smart board. Many will argue that a smart board is just some fancy tool that just looks great in the classroom. They are very expensive as well to some; difficult to learn. The post also pointed out that the smart board doesn’t help with teacher workload, lesson planning or allow students to participate in social feedback.

Smart boards can have many useful advantages as well. They can make learning more visual rather than worrying about writing a ton of notes. Students are able to become more focused with the lesson as well being able to participate. You can save notes, print, present student presentations and allow the class to view websites as a group. I can definitely see the pros and cons about using a smart board, but I think as technology continues to rapidly advance, teachers and students need to be aware of the changes and use it as teaching and learning experience. You can see how smart boards are effective in the classroom at Interactive Whiteboards
and Learning

The Chipper Series
and EDM310 for Dummies

EDM for Dummies was a great demonstration of how some of us feel about this class. This book would be a great seller! I know I would benefit tremendously from it! I was scared to death of this class when it first started, but now I don’t know what I would have done without it! It will definitely help me to advance in my teaching career.

The chipper series was a fun video to watch. The scary part about the video is that a lot of people actually think that way. I would definitely use movies in my classroom. I want to teach kindergarten through third so I would like to make up “How To” videos, which would be a great way to demonstrate some of the everyday routines such as brushing your teach or tying your shoe correctly.

My Video

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blog Post 4

I think using podcast in the classroom is a great idea for students and teachers to interact. This is a great way for students to learn and share ideas. It keeps their mind constantly going. From some of the podcast that I watched, the students were so excited to teach history or even to read chapters from a book.

It’s a great way for them to get more involved with school. When students feel that they are a part of something important, they want to take the initiative to learn. Parents are able to keep up with what their children are learning. That alone can help the children when their parents become more involved.

Eagles’ Nest Radio Episode 1: Take a BITE Out of Shark Facts!

I like how the children use poetry paradise and making change in their podcast. It is important for children to understand how making a change can make all the difference in the world. I like how they discussed the importance of killing sharks. They explained how sharks are killed every year for their pricy hundred dollar shark fin soup.

I enjoyed the vocabulary segment of the podcast. William said the definition of cartilage and used it in a sentence. That is a great way for children to learn how to use specific words in sentences. The Did You Know? was also interesting. I like how they spoke briefly on each topic. I think children have a greater attention span when they learn a little bit of information at a time.

Eagles’ Nest Radio Episode #2: Totally Terrific Time Travel with Explorers

I love how the students told a unique story about several different explores traveling back in time. It always helped me to understand history better when my teacher told a story as if he or she were there. The sound effects were a great way to keep you focused on their story. I like how they transitioned to a new explorer. It kept things interesting.

I think it’s wonderful how different students got a chance to tell a specific story about the explorers. They are learning early in life the significance of working together. Once again, I really enjoyed the vocabulary lesson in this podcast. It’s a fun way for children to learn new vocabulary. The riddles are a great way for the students to test their knowledge on what they have learned.

Podcasting with the 3rd Grade

This Particular podcast gave me a better understanding on how it all works. The teachers assigned each student an endangered animal to do research on. They had to describe what habitat they were from and what they like to eat. The children were asked a specific research question along with creating their own animal drawing, using a program called KidPix.

After reading and learning about their podcast, I am convinced that podcasting is great tool for educational purposes. Not only is it a great learning experience for the students,but it can be an enjoyable one as well. It’s a great way for students to get more involved with what their learning about. They also can learn and improve on speaking and communication, research and storytelling skills, as well as oral fluency.

The benefits of podcasting in the classroom

The video began by defining what being a millenial means. I never heard this term before, but it refers to anyone being born after the year of 1980. This particular generation has never experienced life without the use of computers. It explains how “podcasting allows for differentiation in the classroom or making it more student centered”.

Podcasting in the classroom has many benefits. If a child is sick, and was unable to attend school, a podcast could be used to provide the information that he or she missed. Podcasting also allows the parents to become more involved with what children are learning in school. It is an effective way for students to interact outside of the classroom. Students get a chance to use their creativity to the fullest as well as learning the technical aspects.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?
By: Scott Mcleod

I thought this was a very catchy way of describing ones thoughts of using technology in the classroom. I believe technology can be a great tool in the classroom. The problem with children today, is that the parents don’t know a whole lot about the internet themselves. They are only aware of the negative issues that exist.

Kids are not getting the proper education they deserve due to society not excepting technology as a primary tool to learning success. We are all taught at a young age what to stay away from, but instead of staying away, teachers and parents can do a better job of monitoring their children, while allowing their children to use the Internet for educational purposes. Mr. Mcleod is an Associate of Education at Iowa State University. He is also the co-creator of the “Did You Know?” video.

The iSchool Initiative

The first thought that came to mind while watching this video, was I couldn't believe the kid created this video! I wish I had that kind of skill and knowledge when I was that age. This video was very interesting and certainly caught my attention, but I don’t really agree with eliminating school. The classroom setting should never disappear. I do think that students can use the ischool in class, but only as a supplement. Call me old fashioned, but I’m not ready for that kind of drastic transformation.

Watch The Lost Generation

The technique used in this video was amazing. It defiantly got my attention! It takes skills to write something so remarkable and then be able to read it in reverse with the same impact. There must always be a balance between work and family. Yes, money is very important in today’s world, but at the same it is the number one cause for divorce. My generation needs to keep this trend from reoccurring.

Eric Whitaker’s Virtual Choir

It is absolutely amazing how Eric Whitaker can bring so many people from so many different nations, and put them together as one, to form a choir ensemble of 185 people to peform Lux Aurumque. It is hard to realize that these people have never met or performed together. I really enjoyed watching this video, although I’m not sure if I understand how the virtual choir works. Who knows, maybe I’ll learn someday!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Michael Wesch: A Vision of Students Today

I really thought this video was eye catching. It is a very accurate description of what it is like to be a student today. I had to learn most of my computer technology on my own. My high school didn't do a good job on preparing us for the future. It seems that school systems are a little behind on times when it comes to adjusting to the changing needs of the students. Another great point, was even though we have these complaints about school and wish that it was better, we are so much better off than other places around the world. I think that was a great way to end the video, it really put a spin on the information that was presented in the beginning. It shows you, that maybe being a student isn’t the easiest thing, but you truly are lucky to even have the money to buy the books you don’t read.

It’s Not about the Technology by Kelly Hines

I thought Kelly Hines post was very interesting. In order for teachers to educate their students on the new technology, school systems need to promote technology first. Too many teachers are in their own comfort zone and not willing to learn how to better educate their students. When I was in high school, I had only one computer class. Looking back, my computer class could have been very beneficial, if my teacher was willing to learn new ideas.

Is It Okay To Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher? by Karl Fisch

Is it ok to be technologically illiterate? My answer to that question would be no. But, if you would have asked me two weeks earlier, I would have probably told you something different. Before I took this class I had minimal computer knowledge. A lot of it is my fault, but at the same I think it’s my teacher’s fault as well. In high school it was never a priority to be technology literate. As long as you could pass the exit exam you were in the clear! I think it’s mostly because they were all technologically illiterate. We need as future teachers to put a stop to this ongoing curse.

Gary Hayes Social Media Count

It is so crazy to imagine the amount of people who are blogging just like me! This is my first blog and my first everything! I need to get with the times and start taking advantage of all the new technology that exists. The numbers just keep on going and they’ll never stop. That tells me that that there’s always going to be something new and the only way to know it, is to learn it!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My first blog

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first blog ever!

Wordle: crystal rutherford

Did You Know
Reaction and Summary

I found the “Did You Know” video to be informative and interesting. I don’t believe that I have ever seen a video which conveyed so many new and amazing facts in less than five minutes. It is hard to believe that the world is changing at such a rapid pace. People are becoming increasingly smarter with the advancement of computer technology.

I have realized; after watching this video, that I have a lot to learn and improve on. It will be very important for everyone to study and learn these continuous improvements. I believe this class will provide an opportunity for me to better understand the advancements in computer technology.

Mr. Winkle

The Mr. Winkle video is trying to state that schools are not preparing their students for the advance technologies for the real world. Everything from health care to business has changed over the last one hundred years. It will be more efficient if students can learn this in school instead of later learning it in the real world.

I think a lot of the older generation has more of a challenge in learning these advancements. Some people are set in their ways and believe that since they made it this far, that there’s no reason to change the way their doing things. I hope schools will better educate their students in giving them the skills they’ll need to enter the working environment.

Sir Ken Robinson

I believe that the “Sir Ken Robinson” video made a good point about the priorities of the modern day school system. Today’s schools prioritize math and science; however, I think other subjects such as art and drama should be incorporated to promote more of well balanced education for the student.

I think that students should get a well rounded education. This includes not only learning math and science but also being able to discover their artistic capabilities. I think it’s necessary for children to have a variety of subjects that they enjoy or are good at. In conclusion, I feel that a more balanced education will lead to greater success in life.

Vicki Davis Video Link

Vicki Davis Video

I enjoyed watching this video. She made it clear that teacher’s don’t have all the answers before they start teaching. It’s okay to learn from your students or other individuals. Students learn better by teaching others their experiences with information technology such as classroom blogs with students from different parts of the world.

Just because they live in a rural community doesn’t mean they can’t learn and get as good as an education as they would if they have lived in a big city. With the recent advancements in information technology, students are no longer hindered by what particular city they live in, school, or teacher. The ability to communicate worldwide with other schools and teachers greatly improves the students chances of getting a great education.