Sunday, July 11, 2010

First Graders in Ms. Cassidy's Class

Mrs. Cassidy’s class is amazing! I am so impressed that she is teaching her first grade students all about technology. They are all eager to learn and enjoy sharing their work with the world. She is a great example on how current and future teachers should view the use of technology in the classroom. As she said on skype, the world is changing so that means we have to change. Like I've said before, teachers have to get out of their comfort zone and to always keep challenging their students as well as their selves.

Blogging and making videos is a great way for students to improve on their writing and speech. When they receive feedback, it has positive effect on their learning. It’s a good way for them to take writing seriously, when they are aware that many people are reading and commenting on what they are posting. I will definitely incorporate technology in my classroom. I want to create my own class blog like Mrs. Cassidy. I think there are endless opportunities ahead, when you incorporate technology in the classroom.


  1. Hi Crystal,

    I was also very impressed and amazed by the advanced level of Ms. Cassidy's first grade glass. The students seemed interested and very excited to share all that they were learning in their class. It also gave me insight on the fact that technology has no age limits.Great Post!

  2. Yes. Do blog (and use video) in your classroom!

  3. I agree that as teachers we need to change with the world.We can never get comfortable and only stick to one way of teaching. Ms. Cassidy is doing a great job with her first graders.

    I also want to use blogging and video in the classroom. I just hope I work at a school that is supportive of using technology in the classroom.

  4. Hi Crystal,

    I was also really surprised with Ms. Cassidy's class. After watching the two videos I have decided that blogging and podcasts will definitely be a part of my classroom. You could tell that her students truly enjoyed using technology in her class. It was impressive too that she took her time out to do a skype video session with Dr. Strange and the EDM class from that semester.

    -Laura Ashley