Thursday, June 24, 2010

Randy Pausch Last Lecture

My first thought when I began watching this video was WOW; I can’t believe he’s in such good spirits! When he began to tell the audience about his medical history, I was is complete shock. Not only did he look amazing, he was able to demonstrate in what good shape he's in. I loved how he shared his lifelong dreams and incorporated it into his lecture. Even though he didn’t accomplish everything on the list, he sure came close to most. He learned valuable lessons from each dream and learned how to apply it to the future.

The ETC curriculum was great success. He didn’t believe that individuals who are seeking a master’s degree should keep doing bookwork. Instead, his course was more of several group projects throughout the two years. He made it fun and exciting for the students. He took fifty of the first year students on field trips. They went to different shops at Pixar and Industrial Light Magic. I would want my classroom to have a similar learning environment as his. Although, I want to teach young children, I can put emphasis on the importance of working together and having fun while doing it.

He explains the only way to live life is to keep having fun, never lose the child- like wonders and helping others. He had so many dreams to strive for and he never let that “brick wall” exist. His lessons learned were amazing. Dr. Pausch believed, “if you do the right thing, then the good stuff happens to you”. He expresses the importance’s of self inflect.

Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture is the most meaningful and favorite lecture I have ever listened to. I’ll be honest, when I saw that the lecture was over an hour long, I was dreading to watch it. I have learned and acknowledged such vital information as to how I’m going to strive to live my life. He put life into a whole new perspective for me.


  1. Hey Crystal, I really was dreading to watch this video when I saw how long it was also, but as I was watching I found it so cool that he was so enthusiastic being in the condition he was in. I learned so much in this lecture and I also have a whole new perspective for everything.

  2. "I can put emphasis on the importance of working together and having fun while doing it." Yes you can and I hope you will!