Monday, July 12, 2010

Mr. McClung Reflects on Year 2

Mr. McClung has matured as a teacher over the last year. In his reflection from the previous year, he was just beginning his first year of teaching. He taught 6th grade science. As he states in his current post, this is a subject that he is comfortable with teaching and enjoys doing so. He has had many challenges with teaching 8th grade social studies. Mr. McClung had to learn how to adapt to the Jr. High “independent mentality”. But, he was able to overcome these obstacles. He came up with exciting ways to teach and to make leaning fun.

I like how he motioned that having a school mom is helpful. I think that’s a great idea. You always have room to grow and improve on. A school mom can help you become more comfortable with the particular routines of the school. In all, the students are the main focus. There will always be existing problems throughout the school. But, it’s a teacher’s job to make sure that the students comprehend everything that is being taught in the classroom. I will definitely continue to follow Mr. McClung as he continues to share in experiences.

M-Cubed: ISTE Presentation Video

Digital Fabrication is creating a physical product from a digital design. It’s easy to use and fun for elementary students. Students can deconstruct objects and put them back together. It allows a better understanding of the problem solving process. Students have a physical object to hold which allows them to grasp more of an understanding on how it was created. I think these videos are very interesting. Although, it might take some time to catch on, but I think it’s great way for young students to learn the designing process. You can view Imagine. Design. Create. Construct, The Principle of Least Change, , and FabLab ModelMaker: Change a Shape.


  1. Proofread! Several mistakes in first paragraph alone! Do you really believe "But, it’s a teacher’s job to make sure that the students comprehend everything that is being taught in the classroom." You are in for a rude awakening if you do. Sample of need to proofread: defiantly in next sentence should be definitely. there are others. Please go back and correct.

    Learn by doing! The only way in my opinion.

  2. Thanks! I will change it! I usually proofread my work, but I guess I didn't that time!

  3. Hey! I do agree with you that the digital fabrication is a great and fun way for elementary students to learn. I think that any type of technology is great for kids because it is hands on. I think that teachers can help students comprehend better and have a better understanding of concepts ,but I do not think that it is all on the teachers part.