Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This IS How We Dream

“This is How We Dream Part 1 and 2” were very informative videos. Most of what Dr. Miller said I already knew. But, he had a great way of explaining the changes that have occurred with doing research. I remember having to spend many nights at the library just to find enough research about my topic when I was in school.

Not only is the internet easy to access for most, it is full of plentiful information of any topic you can imagine. He made clear several times that this change is “Sharing knowledge infinitely “ and a "Incremental change not a fundamental change”. The internet always holds a permanent place for any article published unlike a magazine that arrives in your mailbox. Eventually, I believe newspapers and magazines will come to an end. Why not? When it’s just as easy to look it up!

Technology is constantly changing. You can look up lectures and watch live video of events going on around the world. "Writing with multi-media" is something that I would definitely be interested in. In order to be technology literate teachers, we need to have an open mind as well as willing to learn this new technology.

Networked Student

This video presented an interesting theory. There is going to have be a lot of transition made in today’s school systems, if we want to progress to being a networked student. I think it has its positive and negatives. Students in today’s world need guidance.

Yes, the internet has everything they need to some extent, but having a teacher can guide and direct them to independent learning. I know I have needed my teacher in EDM310 to show me how to get started on my own. There’s no way I would have been able to establish independent learning on my own.

The internet is a great for education today. You can watch videos, read blogs, and look up whoever and whatever in the matter of a single click of the mouse. The learning network can be used and practice in classrooms all over. I think it will encourage students to be independent learners as well as being self efficient.

Toward A New Future of Whatever

I have really enjoyed watching Professor Wesch’s videos. He had a lot of great points about how media has changed the world. Media communication is constantly growing. He discusses how you tube plays an important role in media. It’s hard to believe that I just posted my first video on your tube the other day. Now I’m a part of this media driven culture.


  1. Crystal,
    I really enjoyed Professor Wesch also. He really brought to life many things I had no idea about. I also want to encourage networking in my classroom too, because I want my students to get into all the great and useful information that is just waiting to be discovered.

  2. I think you also should take note of Dr. Miller's writing with multimedia. That is most important contribution to our understanding of the power of the new technologies. You appear to have overlooked entirely this extremely important component of his message.

    Maybe we should replace the term "teacher" with "learning guide". What do you think?

    Everybody is on YouTube, or soon will be, it seems!