Thursday, June 17, 2010

Smart Board

There are many positives and negatives with using a smart board. Many will argue that a smart board is just some fancy tool that just looks great in the classroom. They are very expensive as well to some; difficult to learn. The post also pointed out that the smart board doesn’t help with teacher workload, lesson planning or allow students to participate in social feedback.

Smart boards can have many useful advantages as well. They can make learning more visual rather than worrying about writing a ton of notes. Students are able to become more focused with the lesson as well being able to participate. You can save notes, print, present student presentations and allow the class to view websites as a group. I can definitely see the pros and cons about using a smart board, but I think as technology continues to rapidly advance, teachers and students need to be aware of the changes and use it as teaching and learning experience. You can see how smart boards are effective in the classroom at Interactive Whiteboards
and Learning

The Chipper Series
and EDM310 for Dummies

EDM for Dummies was a great demonstration of how some of us feel about this class. This book would be a great seller! I know I would benefit tremendously from it! I was scared to death of this class when it first started, but now I don’t know what I would have done without it! It will definitely help me to advance in my teaching career.

The chipper series was a fun video to watch. The scary part about the video is that a lot of people actually think that way. I would definitely use movies in my classroom. I want to teach kindergarten through third so I would like to make up “How To” videos, which would be a great way to demonstrate some of the everyday routines such as brushing your teach or tying your shoe correctly.


  1. Crystal,

    I keep telling Dr. Strange he should write the book because it would be extremely useful. I also think "how to" videos would be great for elementary. You could get them to actually make the videos so they are learning it, and they will think it is so much making a video!

  2. I will repeat what I wrote for James Marshall since it also applies to you:
    Way to go! It is always good to take a look at both sides of an issue as you have done. I am not sure that you are correct that these two skeptics are skeptics because of lack of use. Rather it is their teaching philosophies that form their concerns. SMARTBoards most often become ways for teachers to use "canned" programs that often reduce the possibilities for teacher and student creativity. But anything that engages the student is good. Kelly Hines says they should be used as "student tools" not "teacher tools." I think the money would be better spent giving the students their own tools to use in and out of school. But they are in Baldwin and Mobile schools so our task is now to figure out how they can be used most effectively and creatively. And you are part of that process!

    Your "how to" movies sound very interesting. A final project perhaps?