Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summery for C4T 1,2,3

I have been commenting on Matthew Needleman the last three weeks. His website is http://creatinglifelonglearners.com/. The three posts that I have read and commented on are very useful for my future teaching career. The first one is "The Low Tech Way to Show Youtube Movies in School". He explained and simplified the instructions on how to download a youtube video in the classroom.

The second post I commented on was about the "Video in the classroom Mini- Carnival # 5". Students of all age levels created their own unique videos. Since I’m an Elementary Education major, I enjoyed listening to younger children’s movies the most. In particular, like how to tie a shoe and how to be on time. Each video went through every step in completing each task.

The last post named “Good Teaching Should Be Like Pulling Teeth (Sometimes)” is about how teachers have to keep their kids motivated to learn. Not every child enjoys school, but teachers have to do everything in their power to give these students the best education they deserve. We have to continue to always keep students challenged and never lower our expectations for them.

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